Founded in 1971 by Warren Eisenburg, Bed Bath & Beyond is a chain of superstores that sell higher quality home goods. The stores focus on carrying products for every room in the home. Products can be purchased in one of over 800 stores currently in the United States as well as online. Product is set up in most stores to match and pull customers into wanting the items for their home.


Bed Bath & Beyond not only sells products for just the home but for college dorm rooms as well. Gift registries are available in store and online for all sorts of occasions. Bed Bath & Beyond has been featured in the movie “Click” as the store “that has everything”.


Founder Eisenburg has been partners with Leonard Feinstein for 28 years and they have a great working relationship. Both own 5.1% of stocks in the company and have assigned each other executors of each others estate. It’s rare to find co-owners willing to meet together weekly even though they live states apart. This great relationship has helped keep Bed Bath & Beyond going as successful as it has for so long.






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