I agree with the author that editors see thousands of press releases each week and probably most of the time ignore them. The format for each release is similar and I’m sure editors get tired of releases that are full of details and don’t get right to the point.

I like the idea of seperating sections and tagging them. For one, as someone who will be writing press releases I think it will make things easier because sometimes it is hard to find a lead in to start quotes or other information. This way the editor gets the exact copy of all the important information and can leave out all the fancy writing techniques that Pr people use to “jazz up” their releases.

Also, there would be less changes for a journalist to make and it may be more likely that releases with less edits are published. I know from taking journalism classes that I prefer reading articles that are simple and right to the point.

Though on the flipside, I do enjoy writing news releases. It is possible to get right to the point and have a well written creative press release. It is the way press releases are traditionally done and I don’t see it changing too much in the near future. Though it would be helpful for editors and maybe even others who could see the press release broken down online, it will take time to make an adjustments to the way that people are used to things being done.


April 1st, my public relations publication class visited the Georgia Southern Eagle Print Shop on campus and took a tour. Here’s a few things I learned:

 1) After paying employees and buying supplies, all money goes back to Georgia southern.

2) In the years before, these extra funds have bought new computers for students and helping with landscaping.

3) They create graduation invitations for about the third of the price as the ones offered through Herff Jones.

4) Everything in the shop, including the equipment and the shop itself (rented) are funded by them. They rely on the school for nothing.

5) They recently leased new binding machines to make things faster. All books, including campaigns books, can now be bound right in the shop.

6) They have updated their color prints, now you can have color and non color pages all printed on one machine instead of many.

7) Brochures and newsletters can also be printed in the print shop, along with resumes!

8) The print shop on campus is much cheaper then print shops outside of campus.

It’s funny how, the people you swore to be forever friends with when you were a kid probably couldn’t pick you out of a crowd today. Those backyard camping trips and days at the pool are long forgotten, the best friends necklaces were thrown away before college and the pictures that could remind you of your “bestie” are in a box under your bed.

I’ve had a couple friends like this, one in elementary school who I traded in middle school for another, who in turn I grew apart from when I entered highschool. Different colleges across state seperated us and my college friends have been people who I’ll probably lose once I get married and move away.

I’ve always wanted that long lasting friendship that you see in the movies, old friends visiting each other across the world, bring their kids who call them “aunt” or “uncle” though there is no relation.  I wanted to have someone look at me and know that we’re going to be friends forever and nothing I can say will send them running and screaming. Someone willing to put up with my whining at times and laugh with me at my goofiest.

Finally,  I think I have found that friend. Someone who I can talk to for hours, that understands and even when they don’t tried. They have made this deployment easier and were there for my roller coaster of emotions. We can share stories, coffee and wine. Whatever it is that’s on my mind I can say and it feels like sharing secrets on the playground. There is nothing they can say that would make me leave. I have seen loyalty that I didn’t know a person could possess and unselfishness. I finally looked in and saw someone’s true colors and I feel a life long friendship coming out of this.

It seems kind of cheesy when I think about it, being so happy about finding a friend. But I’m not the kind of person who is very personal with others. I have my finace, my family, work colleagues and people that I just hang out with on nights of boredem. It’s nice to be excited to call someone and have a margarita night, some one who is willing to be themselves and stop trying to impress all the time.

Maybe I will buy a best friends forever necklace..yeah that would be nice 🙂

Dear Dad,

When I was a little, I thought I was the luckiest girl in the world. My daddy was a big strong Marine, nothing could touch me. You were supportive to all my dreams…from being a veternarian, lawyer, waitress and writer. Though none of these actually worked out for me, you always believe that they would. I never felt anything but love.

Though at times you could be hard on me, it was only for the best. You didn’t let me cut corners in school because you knew my potential and now as college graduation draws near, I’m so glad that you pushed so hard. You taught me how a man should treat a woman by how you treated mom. You made sure I knew never to settle and I’m glad  I didn’t because I met a man that treats me like a queen.

As I got older, we’ve shared beers, long talks at the bar or dinner, even longer phone calls even though I’m only two hours away. You’ve confided in me, and even once told me I’m you’re favorite (don’t worry I won’t tell). People laugh when they hear us talk to each other because we both cuss like sailors, but that’s just how we are.

I cry when I think about how you brag about me and how proud that I’ve made you. I wouldn’t have made it his far without you. I feel bad for people who don’t have the support system you’ve given me. Even when I’ve been wrong, which is often, you’ve always stood up for me. And as graduation and my wedding draw near, my heart is sad because those long talks on the weekends when we have our dinners alone…will be gone.

I’ve always been a daddy’s girl, and it’s true what they say…girls do want to marry men like their dads. My fiancee is a Marine, strong yet loving, would do anything for me and has supported all my dreams. He repects you like I do, and I think someday he’ll be a great dad like you have. I pray that I can give my children all the things that you have given me. I love you, old man.

So, I’m getting married in July…to a man that I’m completely in love with and dedicated to. Though the military keeps us aparts somtimes our connection is amazing, when I see other couples our age and how they interact with one another I can’t help but think “How sad…they think that’s what real love is?” and “How fulfilling can a string of two month relationships be?”

But as my wedding gets closer I am constantly getting comments and opinions (that I have not asked for) from strangers…from people that I don’t know who are bitter coming from broken homes or broken relationships…

Twice within a week period I was confronted by two guys, neither of which I knew. One telling me that all people cheat, even my parents and that a “good person” will have the strength to forgive the other…that no one in this world can be faithful, its “just not in human nature to be monogamous” To this I quickly replied, “My parents have been married for 25 years and though there have been hard times, they have always been faithful to one another…” so his smartass was quick to reply “that you know of” I was quickly outraged, it’s so weak to say that people cannot be faithful to each other and an excuse for you to hide behind for never being monogamous or cheating later on in life. I didn’t ask for your opinion, I don’t know you. So don’t proceed to tell me how myself or my fiancee will be in the future, and shame on you for trying to rain on someone else’s happy moment because you yourself have never been able to be faithful.

Then less then two days later, I was out with a friend discussing bands to play at my reception when we were approached by a guy who walked right up and said “You’ll be divorced by 13 year’s..marriages don’t last anymore” I felt like it was a slap in the face, I didn’t even know this guy and he didn’t know anything about me…I explained to him that my parents are happily married after 25 years and my fiancee’s parents have been married 22 years and are always flirting with each other, even in public. He tried to defend himself by getting argumentative and saying ‘well my family….” before trailing off and kept saying over and over that marriages doesn’t last. Finally fed up and pissed off I replied “People that get divorced because “they fall out of love” are weak…because they don’t want to try” he just stared at me and I assume that’s exactly why his parents seperated.

I don’t know a lot about marriage even though I’m stepping into one, but I do know that they take work and each one is different and will have it’s own set of problems. And you are an idiot to throw you’re opinion on someone because you are jealous that they are happy. Just keep your mouth shut, if you think marriages are a sham just keep it to lonely pitiful loser instead of forcing what you think on strangers. grow up and shup because no one wants to hear it.

Sometimes we forget….
My fiancee called today, in his 6th month of deployment, just one short one away from being home. Second time he’s been able to call in about a month…he’s on a mission, one that I’m not allowed to know about it. I don’t know where he is or what he’s doing from day to day…but I do know how he is.

He hasn’t had a shower in 9 days, he hasn’t had solid food in a month only jello like MRE’s to keep his body moving, he just got of 27 hour shift and will get maybe three hours of sleep before he gets up and moving again.
He can’t get my emails, nor make phone calls, no mail where he is, no connection to us that love him. He rereads letters that I sent when he was in Iraq on base, and carries pictures from home everywhere that he goes.
I worry about him everynight. I tell him I’m praying for his safety and anticipating that moment I see him step off that bus, and its funny but he says “I’m fine, but I’m always praying for you.” I ask why, and he says “Well…just drive safe, lock your doors like always, don’t be out too late…you know there’s things I can’t control while I’m here and I want you to be careful so I can hold you when I get back”
He’s the most unselfish person I know, and the most grateful for everything he does have. I complain about my food taking over an hour at a resturaunt and he says, “I can’t wait to just have a ham and cheese sandwich again…” I get mad when I run out of hot water for my shower and he says he can’t stand the scent of baby whipes anymore because that’s all he has to stay clean.
The news keeps saying the war is getting better…and that it’s slowing down. But its not…its just moving…from Iraq to Afghanistan…then where? Pakistan? Uzbekistan? There is nothing I can do to stop this war, I just don’t want people to forget. There’s still thousands of us over there and even more family members here.
I expect Kasey to deploy again in 2010 or 2011. I understand his duty, and mine in supporting him and all his comrades. We’ll invite the single guys over for holidays to feed them so they’re not alone, like my parents did. Our kitchen table fed many men who had no family to celebrate with.  I’ve adopted military through and sent packages to those who have no one. There isn’t a day that I forget what’s going on over there and don’t think about all the families who are feeling the way I am. I’ve learned that “no news is good news” and if I don’t recieve a phone call, its probably for the better. It’s not easy but its our life 🙂 for the next 20 it seems.
I hope that if you read this, you just remember its not over. If you see someone in the service, stop and shake their hand. Say thanks. When people tell Kasey thank you, I can see the joy in his eyes for being recognized and the pride he feels for a job well done. If you wanna help, check out the website I listed earlier. And if you love a serviceman, I lift my glass to you for being a special woman and probably a very stubborn one 😉

As I get further into 2009 each day, I get more excited every morning when I wake up. It’s going to be a year full of change, some drastic but all exciting. First, my fiancee will be back from Iraq in 5 weeks (the second week of March) after a long 7 month deployment in Iraq. It’s been an emotional roller coaster, but totally worth it. He’s living his dream defending this country and I could not be more proud.

Next, I’ll be graduating from college in May!! It’s been a long 4 years, but I finally made it. For a long time I thought it would be no big deal. But the other day when I called to make sure all my paper work was in order with the school, I got teary eyed. I can’t believe that it is about to be over. What an experience!  I can count on one hand how many times I went to a party in the past 4 years, but I cannot count on my fingers and toes how many all nighters and study sessions I had to pull, but I don’t regret any of it. College has been a wonderful experience and I am proud to say I am the first in my family to graduate from college. It’s scary to think about the future and how hard it will be to find a job, but exciting too. I can’t wait to see where I end up, wherever it will be it,  I will be successful.

FINALLY, in July I am marrying the man of my dreams!! I never thought I’d find someone who could compliment me in every way and put up with me. I handle stress very badly and he helps keep me calm or just stays away from me (which is something I usually need). After a series of horrible relationships this is it!

A week after we return from our honeymoon ( a week long tropical cruise) we will be moving Camp Lejuene NC where he is stationed. It is far from my family who I have never been a way from. I’m terrified, but I also know that a new page in my life is turning and there are new beginnings coming our way. We are starting a family of our own, sure its just the two of us now, but someday we’ll have a bigger one 🙂

2009 is definately going to be an amazing year for me. I could not ask for a better life.

When I met my fiancee, I was in my second year of college and he was in his first. His dream was to graduate college and join the Marines as an officer. I had always said that I would never date someone in the military because my father was and my mother spent a lot of time alone raising my sister and I. B ut Kasey was cute and I figured “who knows where this will go?”

Six months later he left college to pursue his career in the Marine Corps. He decided that he just couldn’t wait any longer. Though I cared for him, I didn’t feel as though I was strong enough to do what my mother had. So I left him…but not for long. I couldn’t stay away and decided “what the heck?” and agreed to stand behind him while he followed his dream in defending our country.

Now, we have had a few unlucky occurrences as many military families have I’m sure. He was supposed to leave for boot camp in October. He called me on a friday afternoon in August and said my recruiter just called I leave Monday….The Marine Corps has caught me off guard more then once since then. I always try to be prepared for the unknown, the disappoint and last minute decisions. After 13 weeks of seperation and 90 letters on my part, he finally came home for a short time then was sent to California for training and school.  I thought we were so lucky that he got stationed in NC, only 6 hours from me. But he wasn’t there long before  I got the call…

It was Thursday…he called and said “I know I’m in a nondeployable unit…but the radio operator who was supposed to go out with the next unit got pregnant so that she didn’t have to deploy…I leave in six days…sorry” Instantly I panicked. He hadn’t even been in the Marines for a year and they were deploying, something I had tried to prepare for. Everyone else I knew, found out about their deployments three to six months in advance, but not us. I traveled up for the weekend to say goodbye. I could only stay two days because Georgia Southern has the policy that if you miss the first day of a class, it is dropped. He happened to be leaving my first week of classes.

So, here I am 5 months into our 7 monthish deployment and am surprised that I have made it this far this gracefully. I admit the week he left, I was like a character out of a romance movie after a breakup. I cried for hours a day, and worried. He was headed for Al Asad, near Baghdad and though things were better, there were still regular military deaths in the news. I struggled to get out of bed and even attend class. I searched for people who could relate and understand what I was going through, but there was none to be found. All the while I was constantly met with phrases like “I can’t be away from my boyfriend for even a week” or “how do you do it?”  To this my reply was  “I just wake up every day and do it”

I jumped everytime the phone rang and slept with it in my hand. I prayed all the time, something I had rarely done before. I wrote him constantly snail mail and e mail. His spirits were high and he was the strong one. There were days when I wanted to say ” I can’t do this. I can’t be alone for the rest of my life. I don’t want to marry someone who is gone all the time” But I kept the comments to myself and focused on each day.

Looking back these short 5 months, I see how much I have grown. I have planned the entire wedding alone and focused on school. When he returns in March, I’ll have only 2 short months until graduation. I realized that I really underestimated myself. I tell girls that I meet who are considering a serious relationship with someone in the military all the time: It takes a really strong person, who is committed and able to stay busy. You have to understand that in your own way you are supporting this country too, but supporting the man you love and being there. To tell him that you love him when he needs to hear it the most, and send the supplies that keep him happy.

I have found that the stress and tears have been well worth it. And though at first I didn’t handle it gracefully, I don’t know who anyone that would with only 6 days notice. I assume that by 2010 or 2011 he will be deployed again and that this will be a regular part of our lives since he plans to do a 20 year career. The connection that we have made over our talks during this seperation have made our relationship so rich. I see people our age around campus fighting about the most insignificant things. Appreciation is huge to us and the time we do get together is priceless.

In our two years together I would guess we have only been in the same room together maybe 8 months worth? In July we’ll get married and I’ll move to NC to be with him and those first few months will be the most we have ever spent together and we will cherish every moment until deployment comes again. But I’m glad I decided to stick it out. I can’t imagine life without him. I’m so proud to be in love with a Marine.

His dedication to service is unlike anything I have ever seen before. He is willing to be away from all the things and people that he loves in order to serve. And though at times we both second guess his decision, we always end up agreeing it was the best choice. Like my father, when asked why he joined the Marines he says “I was in 7th grade, and I just knew I was born for one thing, and that was to be a Marine and protect those who cannot protect themselves”  I’m proud to say that I serve this country too.

1. Connecting: Who are you and what do we have in common?

[ I would like people to contact or reply to me introducing themselves as well, telling me a little about themselves like their occupation or if they are  a students what major they are and school they attend.]

2. Follow, add, friend: Let’s get to know each other!

[Usually when someone adds me I check their recent posts and see who else they are frieds with. If they are friends with someone I know then I feel better adding them. Also, if someone adds me there must be a reason they’d like to friends and I’d like to know what interested them!]

3. Privacy, boundaries and safety: Safety First

[When I befriend someone I’m careful to give out any personal information. I prefer to keep it professional mainly giving out information such as my major, job interests, and university information. I feel like you can communcate with someone online without having to give away a lot of personal information, the web is not the place for that.]

4. Signal to noise: I’ll try anything once…

[My favorite form of social media is facebook, but mainly because it allows me to keep up with friends and family all over the world. I do enjoy using twitter it was something new and its nice to see other peoples opinions out there. Sometimes though with twitter people post a little too much or bad mouth something for no reason and then I usually stop following them.]

5. Personal data and sharing: Non personal relationships mostly

[Most of the people I follow on twitter as well as the majority of my friends on facebook are classmates. People I don’t know exceptionally well but I do value the opinion of. It’s nice to keep up with people but my closest friends  I all know in person. The only relationships I look for online are professional or just classmates I’d like to keep up with. ]

6. My networking needs and uses: Non applicable

[I currently use Myspace to talk to my finace in Iraq because he does not have facebook, but I rarely communicate with anyone else via myspace.   I also use facebook for friends, classmates and professors. And occasionally I still use to twitter when something is going on in the media that  I know professionals will be buzzing about and i want to hear their opinoins.]

7.  My criteria: I’ll say it again

[I normally add people that I know on some level, like in person or through a friend. When someone adds me that  I don’t know I want to know their title and why they added me. I use social media mostly to communicate with those who are close to me like friends and family, but plan to use social media more when looking for a professional job and connections]