Groundswell by edans.

Bed Bath and Beyond uses the Groundswell on their website by having a contact us email and phone numbers where customers can call with questions or concerns. Though they do not have a message board or chatroom, being able to contact the company by email is useful. The website also have a email sign up where customers can fill in their email and get offers and information about what’s going on in the store.

I think that bed bath and beyond would greatly benefit by having a message board or forum where customers can get online and discuss products. That way not only can other customers see what products are popular but store managers (who control whats on the store floor) and get on and read what is most popular and make sure there is plenty of access to that product. Also if customers have questions it would be helpful for them to talk with managers in their area about products rather then just the corporate headquarters.

Also when you go in the stores, it would be beneficial to have surveys for the customers to fill out. Walmart has one question surveys on their credit card machines asking questions like “Was your store clean today?” “Was your cashier friendly?”  I personally always answer these questions and I think Bed Bath & Beyond would benefit in the listening aspect of the groudswell by incorporating these. Also phone surveys that result in coupons, something that Bath and Body works does which allows customers voices to be heard.

The Bed Bath and Beyond website does not offer many ways to communicate with the company, but with a message board and in store surveys I feel they could hear a lot more from customers.