I agree with the author that editors see thousands of press releases each week and probably most of the time ignore them. The format for each release is similar and I’m sure editors get tired of releases that are full of details and don’t get right to the point.

I like the idea of seperating sections and tagging them. For one, as someone who will be writing press releases I think it will make things easier because sometimes it is hard to find a lead in to start quotes or other information. This way the editor gets the exact copy of all the important information and can leave out all the fancy writing techniques that Pr people use to “jazz up” their releases.

Also, there would be less changes for a journalist to make and it may be more likely that releases with less edits are published. I know from taking journalism classes that I prefer reading articles that are simple and right to the point.

Though on the flipside, I do enjoy writing news releases. It is possible to get right to the point and have a well written creative press release. It is the way press releases are traditionally done and I don’t see it changing too much in the near future. Though it would be helpful for editors and maybe even others who could see the press release broken down online, it will take time to make an adjustments to the way that people are used to things being done.