In 2005, Bed Bath & Beyond teamed up with United Service Organization in order to support the troops! Bed Bath & Beyond  began selling the “Support Our Troops” magnetic ribbons for $1.99. Half of every sale is donated to the USO.

The proceeds go to not only the troops but their families as well. The first year that this partnership began Bed Bath & Beyond raised $300,000. The company does not take credit for the money raised, but praises the customers because they are the ones purchasing the ribbons.

“Two Bed Bath and Beyond subsidiaries — Christmas Tree Shops and Harmon Discount Stores — also are selling the ribbons and donating a portion of the proceeds to the USO. ”


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Sheets by Keith Morrison.

In 2007 a lawsuit was brought against Bed Bath & Beyond stating that they “misrepresented the thread count in its two-ply bedding products sold in stores and on its website by stating the number of threads in the warp and filling directions in one square inch of fabric, rather than the number of yarns.”

The two-ply bedding products that allegedly were misrepresented were released in 2000 all the way to 2007. When asked about the incident the company denies any wrongdoing and “believe the signage, labeling and product samples available to their customers at the time of purchase provided their customers with complete and accurate information.  The parties have reached a proposed settlement of the lawsuit, which has been preliminarily approved by the Court.”

So instead of passing blame, Bed Bath & Beyond said that the bedding was labeled correctly but agreed to settle. People who still had a proof of purchase were compensated and Bed Bath & Beyond did not see a major loss in bedding sales due to the incident.


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Based on the research that I did for this project I am now even more likely to want to work for Bed Bath & Beyond. There were a couple of things that I discovered that raised my opinion of the company even more.

One thing I discovered was that Bed Bath & Beyond supports our troops. Being a strong military supporter myself, I really enjoyed reading that the company sells the support our troops car magnets and half of the proceeds going to the troops and families of the troops. There are many large companies out there who don’t support the troops. I woulf prefer to work for a company that supports the same things that I do. Marrying into the military, I would feel proud to work for a company that supports my family.

Also, it’s rare to find a company that gives it’s employees some choices in what is going on within the company. I was happy to read that each store manager gets to decide how the store is set up. I currently have been working for a retail store in which I have no choice over the floor set up nor window displays. Even if I think a certain product sells better then others, the company decides what is displayed and where. Knowing that Bed Bath & Beyond allows the store managers to make decisions like those makes me feel like the company values the insight of its employees. This makes the company even more appealing because I would feel like my opinions are valued.



Bed Bath & Beyond’s website does have a specific area to look up jobs that are currently available in the company. Corporate positions are all located in Union, New Jersey were the home office is located.

Currently the jobs that are listed that relate to public relations, corporate communication and marketing are :

  • Customer Service Product Information Manager
  • Marketing Analysis Specialist
  • Customer Service Product Information Manager
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Senior Store Operations Project Manager

The list of positions is underneathe the careers tab the bottom of the website. All the positions are hyperlinked so if a person is interested in the position all they have to do is click on the position desired and the information about the position is listen. They may also submit a resume online.


On Bed Bath & Beyond’s website there is no newsroom nor press room. Press releases cannot be found on the website nor is there a place for customers to openly write suggestions or compliments. There is however a contact us section at the very bottom of the website and a place to sign up for email offers.

Though Bed Bath & Beyond has won an award for an outstanding website, I feel that the website would be even better if there was an online newsroom that customers could go to to find out about press releases about what’s being written about the company as a well a place where customers can talk about how they feel about the company and the products it sells.

I highly suggest that Bed Bath & Beyond add an online pressroom or newsroom where more information can be accessed about what is going on with the company recently.


Over time, Bed Bath & Beyond has one multiple awards based on its outstanding products and merchandising excellence. In 2002, The International Housewares Association awarded Bed Bath & Beyond one of their Global Innovator Awards. Only 16 winners were chosen world wide. This award was announced at the Inernational Houseware Show, so many people were able to hear about the award and pass the word along to others.

In 2002, R/GA awarded Bed Bath & Beyond for having an Outstanding Website. R/GA is an advertising and design agency that specializes in that people want. When visiting their website companies who have been awarded for many different things are listed. So, anyone looking at the website would see that Bed Bath & Beyond has been awarded and would be apt to go to the website to see what makes it outstanding.

In 2008, (San Francisco Weekly) awarded Bed Bath & Beyond as the “Best Place to Shop for Housewares”. The article mentions that though chain stores are normally not pleasing Bed Bath & Beyond is essential for meeting the needs of your home. Putting this in a weekly online publication will reach many people and get the word out that Bed Bath & Beyond is a wonderful place to shop.

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As with many retail sellers, Bed Bath & Beyond has has some struggles with the declining economy the past few years. People tend to by luxury items like margarita mixers when money is good and the economy is well. Because Bed Bath & Beyond tend to sell a majority of higher quality items sometimes their prices are higher as well.

Fortunately, even with the decline many people are willing to pay for quality then settling for products from other places that may not last as long. I personally found that once I started buying products for my apartment from Bed Bath & Beyond it was hard to imagine going anywhere else. They return policies, warrenties and customer service always draw me back in.

Unconcered with the decline in the economy Eisenburg says, “If people don’t buy new houses, they fix up their old ones and make cosmetic changes to give them new looks.”


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80 percent of Bed Bath & Beyond’s customers are women. Because the stores carry mostly home goods and decorating prodcuts, which is today’s society women still do a large portion of, Bed Bath & Beyond try to appeal to their type of buyers.

After acquiring Harmon, Bed Bath & Beyond began carrying lines of beauty products as well as tools that women use daily. For example, when you enter a Bed Bath & Beyond you find not only home products (that match), you also find massagers, magnified make up mirrors, specialty razors, tweezers, wax kits and many other products that mostly women would use.

Because Bed Bath & Beyond focuses it’s products towards women, the childrens sections are set up matching and do not include many “masculine” products aside from the occasional superhero comforter set.

Interestingly, since managers of the stores are allowed to choose the set up of their own store based on what they feel sells the best its no surprise to find women’s items close to front of many of the stores. I visited the store in Brunswick Ga, and ran into the beauty products very close to the door. Being a female, I was immediately drawn in.



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The Public Relations model that Bed Bath & Beyond seems to be using is the Public Information Model. When researching Bed Bath & Beyond, it was difficult to find much information aside from information about products, coupons and ideas for decorating. It seems like the public relations staff focuses on making sure information about the company is out there, but they are not inquiring what customers think.

There is no forum or message board where customers can relay opinions and when visiting stores, I was unable to find surveys about the company or products. Public relations people are relying on the sales or items to discover what is popular and if people are enjoying a product. If a product sells well, then it must be a good product and we should promote it. That’s what I gathered while researchers Bed Bath & Beyond.


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  • 1971 company was founded by Warren Eisenburg
  • 1972 Eisenburg partners with Leonard Feinstein
  • 1992 makes Forbes Platinum List
  • 2002 Bed Bath & Beyond acquires Harmon Stores Inc.
  • 2003 acquires Christmas Tree Shops Inc.
  • 2007 acquires buybuy Baby
  • 2008 announces the formation of a joint venture with Home & More


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