April 1st, my public relations publication class visited the Georgia Southern Eagle Print Shop on campus and took a tour. Here’s a few things I learned:

 1) After paying employees and buying supplies, all money goes back to Georgia southern.

2) In the years before, these extra funds have bought new computers for students and helping with landscaping.

3) They create graduation invitations for about the third of the price as the ones offered through Herff Jones.

4) Everything in the shop, including the equipment and the shop itself (rented) are funded by them. They rely on the school for nothing.

5) They recently leased new binding machines to make things faster. All books, including campaigns books, can now be bound right in the shop.

6) They have updated their color prints, now you can have color and non color pages all printed on one machine instead of many.

7) Brochures and newsletters can also be printed in the print shop, along with resumes!

8) The print shop on campus is much cheaper then print shops outside of campus.