It’s funny how, the people you swore to be forever friends with when you were a kid probably couldn’t pick you out of a crowd today. Those backyard camping trips and days at the pool are long forgotten, the best friends necklaces were thrown away before college and the pictures that could remind you of your “bestie” are in a box under your bed.

I’ve had a couple friends like this, one in elementary school who I traded in middle school for another, who in turn I grew apart from when I entered highschool. Different colleges across state seperated us and my college friends have been people who I’ll probably lose once I get married and move away.

I’ve always wanted that long lasting friendship that you see in the movies, old friends visiting each other across the world, bring their kids who call them “aunt” or “uncle” though there is no relation.  I wanted to have someone look at me and know that we’re going to be friends forever and nothing I can say will send them running and screaming. Someone willing to put up with my whining at times and laugh with me at my goofiest.

Finally,  I think I have found that friend. Someone who I can talk to for hours, that understands and even when they don’t tried. They have made this deployment easier and were there for my roller coaster of emotions. We can share stories, coffee and wine. Whatever it is that’s on my mind I can say and it feels like sharing secrets on the playground. There is nothing they can say that would make me leave. I have seen loyalty that I didn’t know a person could possess and unselfishness. I finally looked in and saw someone’s true colors and I feel a life long friendship coming out of this.

It seems kind of cheesy when I think about it, being so happy about finding a friend. But I’m not the kind of person who is very personal with others. I have my finace, my family, work colleagues and people that I just hang out with on nights of boredem. It’s nice to be excited to call someone and have a margarita night, some one who is willing to be themselves and stop trying to impress all the time.

Maybe I will buy a best friends forever necklace..yeah that would be nice 🙂