Dear Dad,

When I was a little, I thought I was the luckiest girl in the world. My daddy was a big strong Marine, nothing could touch me. You were supportive to all my dreams…from being a veternarian, lawyer, waitress and writer. Though none of these actually worked out for me, you always believe that they would. I never felt anything but love.

Though at times you could be hard on me, it was only for the best. You didn’t let me cut corners in school because you knew my potential and now as college graduation draws near, I’m so glad that you pushed so hard. You taught me how a man should treat a woman by how you treated mom. You made sure I knew never to settle and I’m glad  I didn’t because I met a man that treats me like a queen.

As I got older, we’ve shared beers, long talks at the bar or dinner, even longer phone calls even though I’m only two hours away. You’ve confided in me, and even once told me I’m you’re favorite (don’t worry I won’t tell). People laugh when they hear us talk to each other because we both cuss like sailors, but that’s just how we are.

I cry when I think about how you brag about me and how proud that I’ve made you. I wouldn’t have made it his far without you. I feel bad for people who don’t have the support system you’ve given me. Even when I’ve been wrong, which is often, you’ve always stood up for me. And as graduation and my wedding draw near, my heart is sad because those long talks on the weekends when we have our dinners alone…will be gone.

I’ve always been a daddy’s girl, and it’s true what they say…girls do want to marry men like their dads. My fiancee is a Marine, strong yet loving, would do anything for me and has supported all my dreams. He repects you like I do, and I think someday he’ll be a great dad like you have. I pray that I can give my children all the things that you have given me. I love you, old man.