So, I’m getting married in July…to a man that I’m completely in love with and dedicated to. Though the military keeps us aparts somtimes our connection is amazing, when I see other couples our age and how they interact with one another I can’t help but think “How sad…they think that’s what real love is?” and “How fulfilling can a string of two month relationships be?”

But as my wedding gets closer I am constantly getting comments and opinions (that I have not asked for) from strangers…from people that I don’t know who are bitter coming from broken homes or broken relationships…

Twice within a week period I was confronted by two guys, neither of which I knew. One telling me that all people cheat, even my parents and that a “good person” will have the strength to forgive the other…that no one in this world can be faithful, its “just not in human nature to be monogamous” To this I quickly replied, “My parents have been married for 25 years and though there have been hard times, they have always been faithful to one another…” so his smartass was quick to reply “that you know of” I was quickly outraged, it’s so weak to say that people cannot be faithful to each other and an excuse for you to hide behind for never being monogamous or cheating later on in life. I didn’t ask for your opinion, I don’t know you. So don’t proceed to tell me how myself or my fiancee will be in the future, and shame on you for trying to rain on someone else’s happy moment because you yourself have never been able to be faithful.

Then less then two days later, I was out with a friend discussing bands to play at my reception when we were approached by a guy who walked right up and said “You’ll be divorced by 13 year’s..marriages don’t last anymore” I felt like it was a slap in the face, I didn’t even know this guy and he didn’t know anything about me…I explained to him that my parents are happily married after 25 years and my fiancee’s parents have been married 22 years and are always flirting with each other, even in public. He tried to defend himself by getting argumentative and saying ‘well my family….” before trailing off and kept saying over and over that marriages doesn’t last. Finally fed up and pissed off I replied “People that get divorced because “they fall out of love” are weak…because they don’t want to try” he just stared at me and I assume that’s exactly why his parents seperated.

I don’t know a lot about marriage even though I’m stepping into one, but I do know that they take work and each one is different and will have it’s own set of problems. And you are an idiot to throw you’re opinion on someone because you are jealous that they are happy. Just keep your mouth shut, if you think marriages are a sham just keep it to lonely pitiful loser instead of forcing what you think on strangers. grow up and shup because no one wants to hear it.