Sometimes we forget….
My fiancee called today, in his 6th month of deployment, just one short one away from being home. Second time he’s been able to call in about a month…he’s on a mission, one that I’m not allowed to know about it. I don’t know where he is or what he’s doing from day to day…but I do know how he is.

He hasn’t had a shower in 9 days, he hasn’t had solid food in a month only jello like MRE’s to keep his body moving, he just got of 27 hour shift and will get maybe three hours of sleep before he gets up and moving again.
He can’t get my emails, nor make phone calls, no mail where he is, no connection to us that love him. He rereads letters that I sent when he was in Iraq on base, and carries pictures from home everywhere that he goes.
I worry about him everynight. I tell him I’m praying for his safety and anticipating that moment I see him step off that bus, and its funny but he says “I’m fine, but I’m always praying for you.” I ask why, and he says “Well…just drive safe, lock your doors like always, don’t be out too late…you know there’s things I can’t control while I’m here and I want you to be careful so I can hold you when I get back”
He’s the most unselfish person I know, and the most grateful for everything he does have. I complain about my food taking over an hour at a resturaunt and he says, “I can’t wait to just have a ham and cheese sandwich again…” I get mad when I run out of hot water for my shower and he says he can’t stand the scent of baby whipes anymore because that’s all he has to stay clean.
The news keeps saying the war is getting better…and that it’s slowing down. But its not…its just moving…from Iraq to Afghanistan…then where? Pakistan? Uzbekistan? There is nothing I can do to stop this war, I just don’t want people to forget. There’s still thousands of us over there and even more family members here.
I expect Kasey to deploy again in 2010 or 2011. I understand his duty, and mine in supporting him and all his comrades. We’ll invite the single guys over for holidays to feed them so they’re not alone, like my parents did. Our kitchen table fed many men who had no family to celebrate with.  I’ve adopted military through and sent packages to those who have no one. There isn’t a day that I forget what’s going on over there and don’t think about all the families who are feeling the way I am. I’ve learned that “no news is good news” and if I don’t recieve a phone call, its probably for the better. It’s not easy but its our life 🙂 for the next 20 it seems.
I hope that if you read this, you just remember its not over. If you see someone in the service, stop and shake their hand. Say thanks. When people tell Kasey thank you, I can see the joy in his eyes for being recognized and the pride he feels for a job well done. If you wanna help, check out the website I listed earlier. And if you love a serviceman, I lift my glass to you for being a special woman and probably a very stubborn one 😉