1. Connecting: Who are you and what do we have in common?

[ I would like people to contact or reply to me introducing themselves as well, telling me a little about themselves like their occupation or if they are  a students what major they are and school they attend.]

2. Follow, add, friend: Let’s get to know each other!

[Usually when someone adds me I check their recent posts and see who else they are frieds with. If they are friends with someone I know then I feel better adding them. Also, if someone adds me there must be a reason they’d like to friends and I’d like to know what interested them!]

3. Privacy, boundaries and safety: Safety First

[When I befriend someone I’m careful to give out any personal information. I prefer to keep it professional mainly giving out information such as my major, job interests, and university information. I feel like you can communcate with someone online without having to give away a lot of personal information, the web is not the place for that.]

4. Signal to noise: I’ll try anything once…

[My favorite form of social media is facebook, but mainly because it allows me to keep up with friends and family all over the world. I do enjoy using twitter it was something new and its nice to see other peoples opinions out there. Sometimes though with twitter people post a little too much or bad mouth something for no reason and then I usually stop following them.]

5. Personal data and sharing: Non personal relationships mostly

[Most of the people I follow on twitter as well as the majority of my friends on facebook are classmates. People I don’t know exceptionally well but I do value the opinion of. It’s nice to keep up with people but my closest friends  I all know in person. The only relationships I look for online are professional or just classmates I’d like to keep up with. ]

6. My networking needs and uses: Non applicable

[I currently use Myspace to talk to my finace in Iraq because he does not have facebook, but I rarely communicate with anyone else via myspace.   I also use facebook for friends, classmates and professors. And occasionally I still use to twitter when something is going on in the media that  I know professionals will be buzzing about and i want to hear their opinoins.]

7.  My criteria: I’ll say it again

[I normally add people that I know on some level, like in person or through a friend. When someone adds me that  I don’t know I want to know their title and why they added me. I use social media mostly to communicate with those who are close to me like friends and family, but plan to use social media more when looking for a professional job and connections]