Based on the research that I did for this project I am now even more likely to want to work for Bed Bath & Beyond. There were a couple of things that I discovered that raised my opinion of the company even more.

One thing I discovered was that Bed Bath & Beyond supports our troops. Being a strong military supporter myself, I really enjoyed reading that the company sells the support our troops car magnets and half of the proceeds going to the troops and families of the troops. There are many large companies out there who don’t support the troops. I woulf prefer to work for a company that supports the same things that I do. Marrying into the military, I would feel proud to work for a company that supports my family.

Also, it’s rare to find a company that gives it’s employees some choices in what is going on within the company. I was happy to read that each store manager gets to decide how the store is set up. I currently have been working for a retail store in which I have no choice over the floor set up nor window displays. Even if I think a certain product sells better then others, the company decides what is displayed and where. Knowing that Bed Bath & Beyond allows the store managers to make decisions like those makes me feel like the company values the insight of its employees. This makes the company even more appealing because I would feel like my opinions are valued.