Sheets by Keith Morrison.

In 2007 a lawsuit was brought against Bed Bath & Beyond stating that they “misrepresented the thread count in its two-ply bedding products sold in stores and on its website by stating the number of threads in the warp and filling directions in one square inch of fabric, rather than the number of yarns.”

The two-ply bedding products that allegedly were misrepresented were released in 2000 all the way to 2007. When asked about the incident the company denies any wrongdoing and “believe the signage, labeling and product samples available to their customers at the time of purchase provided their customers with complete and accurate information.  The parties have reached a proposed settlement of the lawsuit, which has been preliminarily approved by the Court.”

So instead of passing blame, Bed Bath & Beyond said that the bedding was labeled correctly but agreed to settle. People who still had a proof of purchase were compensated and Bed Bath & Beyond did not see a major loss in bedding sales due to the incident.


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