80 percent of Bed Bath & Beyond’s customers are women. Because the stores carry mostly home goods and decorating prodcuts, which is today’s society women still do a large portion of, Bed Bath & Beyond try to appeal to their type of buyers.

After acquiring Harmon, Bed Bath & Beyond began carrying lines of beauty products as well as tools that women use daily. For example, when you enter a Bed Bath & Beyond you find not only home products (that match), you also find massagers, magnified make up mirrors, specialty razors, tweezers, wax kits and many other products that mostly women would use.

Because Bed Bath & Beyond focuses it’s products towards women, the childrens sections are set up matching and do not include many “masculine” products aside from the occasional superhero comforter set.

Interestingly, since managers of the stores are allowed to choose the set up of their own store based on what they feel sells the best its no surprise to find women’s items close to front of many of the stores. I visited the store in Brunswick Ga, and ran into the beauty products very close to the door. Being a female, I was immediately drawn in.



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