I throughly enjoyed this blog, enough to save it to review later. The PR issues talked about in the blog relate to issues that I know about for instance myspace.  The very first post I read about was RSS Real Simple Syndication which I am just getting into the swing of using. I learned about it in my Corporate Public Relations class, but I didn’t think it was that popularly used, now seeing it written about in a popular blog shows me I was wrong. The posts are also very easy to read and pictures are posted which makes the post even better. For instance the blog about people getting tattoos of their favorite companies logos seemed far fetched, but then I saw the photos and thought “Holy Cow…its really true”.

I also enjoyed how many of the posts are summaries of articles read by the author, so that I get the information without having to read or search for what the latest news is. I also found the title of the blog interesting, the blog itself addresses all types of Pr and relentless seems like it fits perfectly.

Fake Plastic Noodles

I chose to review this blog because i love the title. The blog is mostly about social media and changes occuring social media. It’s very up to date, the first post I read already mentioned the newly elected President Obama. Also the blog it pretty humorous, the authors of the articles write with a edge that kept me laughing and wanting to read more. Some posts seemed to be more like journal entries rather then informative blogs, but at the same time I learned from what I read.

I enjoyed the article that listed the tops three non work websites, drinks, etc… Even though the websites showed things that would interest someone in PR, they most definately were not something a person at work would want to be caught looking at.